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Get Installation Media and Clean Install of Windows 10

download win10 free if you want to upgrade your existing window you go to your update center and click update now and If you don’t want to upgrade from an existing Windows installation,(download window10 media creation tool) you can fresh download the official Windows 10 installation media free from can go Microsoft download win10, click Download Tool Now.

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window10 installation

after download and run the downloaded file. when a screen show window installation here you can now 2 option. 1st upgrade this pc now it means you can upgrade direct windows without any creation media file. 2nd option is “Create installation media for another PC” it means you create an external window media file it uses many times for window installation you can boot with a DVD and USB flash drive you can also create an iso file you using to create many DVD copies of windows


first, you sure to select the language, edition, and architecture you want to install of Win 10. If your installation wins 64-bit, you required your system 64-bit version supported now most of the latest laptop and pc come 64 bit. If you’re installing it 32-bit version, you need the 32-bit version system. nowadays come with 32 bit & 64 bit.

here you also download both versions 32 bit & 64 bit but the media file size larger.

download window10 media creation tool


If you installing Windows 10 on the present system, just click-box checked “Use the recommended options for this PC” and the tool will download the correct version on your current PC.

this tool allows you to copy off the Windows 10 installation files to a USB flash drive you can also yous a bootable drive because the tool creates Windows 10 for bootable. If you’re using a USB drive, it must be at least 4 GB and also use a larger USB drive size. All files on the USB drive will be erased as part of this process.

if you want to install win 10 on a hard drive you can also, select the “ISO file” option here. The tool will download an ISO file, after download you can boot the downloaded ISO in a virtual drive to install Windows 10 inside it


when you’ve created installation media,

you need to insert it into the PC you want to install Windows 10 on. You then boot from the installation media.

when the laptop Windows Setup screen comes, select your language, time format, and keyboard layout. Click “Next” to continue. you get a new screen


When you get the installer screen, click the “Install Now” button and follow the instructions to install Windows 10 on your system.


here you can now two opetion

1st upgrade option its mean you can only upgrade your system not a format any drives.

2nd here you can change your drive drive where you insall window copy, and also format you your complete hard drive and create all partion as you wish and also delete particular drive and format where you install window. you can also change drive size and name.


When you erase partition your all data delete a particular portion. here you very careful if you want all data to delete from your drive you can format the drive and also erase the drive but if you erase any drive, in screen you get an “Unallocated Space”. this unallocated space means this space is not used in any drive, for uses you create a new drive. and select your drive where you install win 10 and simply click the next button

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Windows 10 Start install itself, and may be possible restart your system many times during this process, When this process complete, you will see the basic interface for setup of window.


When you see the Activate Windows screen, you enter a activate key or skip these activation screens.If you have not an activation key but if your hardware with attached window old version key such as 7, 8, 10.when you click skip but win automatically catch window key from hardware ad your window activate.


after activated basic info put in window interface and personalized your new win10, in this interface also create your user name and password for sing in window10 and also create pin. for startup window security

after complete setup window 10 new screen come and you also go to update center in setting and update your win10 at latest driver.

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you enjoy your window10

thankyou so much

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