what is Building? |various types of building

The dictionary meaning of building is very simple, it simply indicates anything that is built with walls and a roof. the term building in civil engineering parlance is used mean a structure having various components like foundations, walls, columns, floors, roofs, doors, windows, ventilators, stairs, lifts, various types of surface finishes, etc. as a civil engineer is mainly concerned with the construction of various components of a building.

various types of building

The society requires the building for its various activities and accordingly, the buildings can be grouped for convenience as follows:

  1. Assembly building where group of amusement, recreation, religious, social, travels and similar purposes and they include exhibition halls, museums, skating rings, restaurant’s, gymnasiums, etc.Image result for Assembly buildings
  2. Business buildings like banks, offices, shops courts, stores, markets, etc.Image result for Office Building Types
  3. Educational buildings such as school, collages, libraries, universities, etc.Image result for educational building
  4. Hazardous buildings which are used for handling, manufacture, storage or processing of highly explosive or combustible materials or products and they include magazines, especially prepared stores, etc.Image result for Hazardous buildings
  5. Health building Like hospitals, nursing homes, dispensaries, sanatoriums’, etc.Image result for various types of building
  6. Industrial buildings like factories, workshops, laboratories, sanatoriums, etc.Image result for various types of building
  7. Institutional buildings like home for the aged people, jails, prisons, mental hospitals, reformatories, etc.
  8. Recreation buildings like theaters, town halls, cinemas, clubs, hotels, etc.
  9. Residential building such as bungalows, flats, row houses, dormitories, etc.Image result for various types of building
  10. Storage buildings such as Godowns, warehouses, cold storages, stables, garages, hangars, transit sheds, etc.Image result for various types of building
  11. Transportation buildings like railway stations, bus stations, air terminals, etc.Image result for transport Building Types
  12. Worship buildings like temples, churches, mosques, etc.

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