Planing of building

Planning of building pre-supposes certain principal. Most of our building are constructed as dwellings and as such the principles providing guidance in the planning of such buildings have been given here. The basic principle have been enunciated on broad lines only and may be applied to the problem on individual merit. These principles are not as rigid as laws of nature. Certain deviation from these principles are necessary at certain instances and inadequacies in them are to be met with by the competence of the architect.

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The main objective of planning a building is to ensure that the different components of a building are so arranged that the occupants can perform desired function with ease end comfort. Good planning also requires that the entire area available within the building is gainfully utilized. with minimum area allocated to circulation. Maximum percentage of our buildings comprise of dwelling and such the various principles of planning which are given below are more relevant of houses.

The various principles which should be kept in view while planning of building can be broadly summarized as under.

(1) Aspect

(2) Prospect

(3) Grouping

(4) Privacy

(5) Furniture requirements

(6) Roominess

(7) Sanitation

(8) Flexibility

(9) Economy

Principles Of Planning Building

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